Autumn Manicure 2019: Fashion Trends and New Items

Gray rainy days — all of this is familiar to each of us in autumn, when the only thing you want is to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, sit by the fireplace and drink warm tea. In order not to be discouraged in the fall, to recharge yourself with positive emotions and give a good mood not only to yourself, but also to others, there are some tricks, such as an amazing autumn manicure.

The styles of autumn nail art design 2019 will be presented by already familiar techniques, such as a French manicure for autumn, a chic ombre, and an excellent autumn stamping design. Undoubtedly, the pro master will be pleased with the new ideas of trendy manicure for autumn, which photos you can see in our gallery. Among the novelties of autumn nail design 2019 will be a spiderweb manicure, autumn nail art “brush strokes”, as well as the original autumn manicure with the effect of “quail eggs” or “paint splashes”.

The important attributes of a beautiful and trendy autumn manicure will be the elements of decor. Glittering particles and sparkles will become integral parts of the evening manicure. For everyday autumn manicure, you can use a concise decor in the form of foil and delicate pebbles. Wanting to get an extraordinary manicure for autumn, you should resort to a combined autumn design of nails, which would combine several fashionable styles — rhinestones and sparkles, drawings and different techniques.

Not to do today in the trendy design of autumn manicure 2019 without patterns and prints that can make your autumn bow stunning and gorgeous. Among the trends of the autumn nail art will be, of course, thematic prints — leaves and floral ornaments, cute flowers and twigs. Playful autumn manicure offered with a fox pattern. Romantic manicure style autumn 2019 proposed with a picture of a couple in love. Also enjoy the trendy autumn manicure minimalism with sophisticated prints in the form of flowers, birds and other mini-pictures.

In autumn will also be relevant images of the umbrella on the nails, raindrops, yellow leaves. The predatory prints and patterns look so impressive in autumn manicure that they are so gorgeous in almost any style and nail designs for the season 2019. Do not forget about trendy monochromatic manicure for autumn period. Looks nice autumn manicure with different shades of coatings on each individual finger, made in matte style.

A discreet and concise autumn nail art design will allow you to create stylish graphic drawings. Trendy autumn geometric manicure will be ideal for a business and office look. One more important secret of trendy autumn manicure will be the color scale. To get a trendy manicure for autumn, use warm shades that are exactly in the autumn manicure in tandem with thematic prints and decor look the most advantageous.

Fashionable Autumn Manicure: Colorful Nails

Simple and at the same time very stylish autumn manicure offered in monochrome design without too much decor and prints. Fashionable monochromatic manicure for autumn can be made interesting by coloring nails in different shades using a matte finish. Soft palettes of shades and rich colors will make a plain autumn manicure flawless.

Nail Design for Autumn «Tear Unicorn»

The new trend, which is so liked by lovers of chic decor on the nails — autumn manicure in the style of «tear of the unicorn.» Using foil and a sticky layer in the form of a droplet, you can create an interesting and creative manicure for autumn, which has alternative names — liquid metal, mercury or melted gold.

Matte Autumn Manicure with Gold

Golden autumn will be presented with a chic nail design in the form of golden modulations. The most spectacular will be the combination of a pleasant velvet and matte nail cover with gold foil, glitter or rhinestones in gold color. Deep matte shades, negative space and golden motifs will be gorgeous in fashionable autumn design of short and long nails.

Stamping Nail Design for Autumn

To get great pictures on the nails in a trendy autumn nail art design, you can resort to the technique of stemping, which you can get very cool drawings of varying complexity. In this case, the ability to draw is not required at all, because autumn leaves, curls, flowers, or any other drawings in autumn manicure can be obtained with a stamp and plates that allow you to transfer even the most complex drawing to the nail.

Combined Autumn Nail Art: «Spiderweb» + The Effect of «Quail Eggs»

If you want to make a truly magnificent nail art design for yourself, so an excellent idea for autumn nail design can be the embodiment of two styles on the nails at once — the “spiderweb” and the “quail eggs” effect. A pleasant nude shade with an emphasis on one finger in the form of a spiderweb, on the other — a pattern of «quail eggs» or «spray paint», and in addition — beautiful rhinestones. In this embodiment, you will get a compelling autumn manicure for any occasion.

Autumn French Manicure

Traditional nail design using a French manicure technique, as always, is excellent in any image — be it at work or in the office, at a party or a festive event. In the trend autumn French manicure with an emphasis on the ring finger, as well as a black jacket, matte and combined French manicure with drawings and decor.

Effective Autumn Manicure «Brush Strokes»

The new trend of nail art was offered by the masters in the form of a trendy manicure for autumn “brush strokes”. You can perform as a stylish black and white manicure in the style of brush strokes, as well as a great nail design with multi-colored “brush strokes” using gold, blue, red, brown tones. Such a new-fashioned autumn manicure “brush strokes” looks creative and stylish.

Trendy Autumn Manicure 2019 in New Styles. The Best Ideas of Autumn Nail Art for Any Taste Look in the Photo Gallery


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