The Most Beautiful Piercing 2019-2020 — TOP 7 Ideas for Trendy Piercing for Women

Each of us wants to be unique and express our individuality in one way or another. Along with fashionable tattoos, one of the solutions can be a fashionable piercing performed on a specific part of the female or male body.

Today we would like to talk about new piercing trends, as well as to find out which types of piercings will be the most popular and relevant this season. In addition, we will try to demonstrate in today’s photo review the coolest jewelry ideas for fashionable piercing 2019-2020, which will allow you to look amazingly beautiful and charming in each individual case.

Before we get to the fashionable examples of piercings in its most diverse representations, for a start let’s look at the nuances and aspects that may arise when performing or having piercings on one or another part of the female body.

And so, piercing is far from a controversial thing, and from the point of view of medicine, this is not a good idea. How to decorate your body or a way of self-expression. Firstly, the risk of complications takes place when performing the procedure of piercing an eyebrow, ear or navel. Secondly, a huge number of complications can be caused when wearing jewelry and all kinds of decor at the puncture site and the piercing itself.

Trending types of piercings for women in the 2019-2020 season are offered by different techniques and methods for piercing the ear, navel, fingers, tongue, eyebrow, nose and lip. It is these variations of piercing for women that will be the favorites of our review.

It is important to note the fact that many celebrities, for example, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Vanessa Hudgens and many other famous beauties are ardent fans of fashionable piercing, demonstrating its various options. For many years, celebrities are not ready to part with piercings, each time they enter the red carpet, they demonstrate that a fashionable piercing can look elegant and sophisticated, amazingly complementing evening looks.

If you want to find out which type of piercing will be the most desired and demanded this season, then see the top 7 most cool and exciting piercing ideas for women for the 2019-2020 season.

Trendy Finger Piercing 2019-2020

One of the most amazing and unusual piercing trends in the 2019-2020 season will be a finger piercing. Do not like a ring or other jewelry on your hands, then you will surely like beautiful and bold finger jewelry with piercings.

A new trend in the form of finger piercing involves decorating the puncture with rhinestones and stones, and maybe diamonds, as well as rings for finger piercing. This type of fashionable finger piercing is very popular on the net and has already caused a lot of controversy and discussion. As an option, trend finger piercing is a new and fashionable alternative to a wedding ring. What do you say? Share with us your impressions of fashionable piercing in the comments.

Fashionable Septum Nose Piercing

An excitingly beautiful and chic version of the 2019-2020 fashion piercing is a nasal puncture called septum. Trend piercing involves piercing the nasal septum and decorating the puncture with a beautiful ring or half ring.

This nose piercing looks chic, especially with a beautiful make-up that complements it. Septum trend piercing is one of the favorites among all the fashion piercing ideas presented today. In addition to the septum, nose bridge piercing, a nose wing puncture, and also septum is also distinguished.

Fashionable Navel Piercing

Another type of fashionable piercing is a navel puncture, which is considered a rather complicated and dangerous option for a piercing, which should be treated with caution. A lot of caution has been expressed about navel piercing, in particular, during pregnancy, but still this type of piercing for women looks unusually beautiful.

Fashionable Tongue Piercing

A popular type of piercing in our time is a puncture of the tongue. Like any other fashionable version of a puncture, tongue piercing has its positive and negative sides. But today we’ll talk about the good, since tongue piercing is one of the most popular puncture options, which is one of the top most requested and desired types of piercing for both women and men.

Fashionable Lip Piercing

Among the fashionable types of female piercings, trendy lip piercings are very popular. Say right away, this type of puncture is one of the most painful types of piercings. You can find many ideas for lip piercing in the new season — this is lowbrett, jellyfish, Monroe and others.

Trend Piercing 2019-2020: Dermal

The delightfully beautiful trend 2019-2020 is a fashionable micro dermal piercing, which implies small punctures with crystals and stones in the body. You can decorate with micro dermal any part of the body that you wish, it is only important that such a fashionable type of piercing does not interfere with you and does not create inconvenience.

Fashionable Ear Piercing 2019-2020

At the end of our today’s photo review, we will look at the fashionable and perhaps the most popular type of piercing in the form of ear piercings. This piercing option has the largest number of subspecies, among which each woman will find her ideal ear piercing option. This can be a traditional puncture of the earlobe, Helix piercing, industrial, tragus and many others.

The Latest Trends and Tendencies in Piercing 2019-2020: Trendy Piercings in Different Styles and Variations in the Photo


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