Spectacular Nail Design with Foil: Fashion Innovations in 2021

The desire to please yourself with the new nail design is inherent in the majority of women, each time decorating the hands with interesting and unusual ideas from the best pro-masters. The richness of trendy nail design in the season of 2021 is so diverse that it will allow you to find new solutions for the design of nails for every taste — from manicure on very small nails to the trendy long design of almond nails.

We decided to devote today’s review to the creative and brilliant nail-art design with foil, which is surprisingly very many-sided in its presentation. This is traced in fashionable nail designs with foil for an evening look, as well as stylish everyday nail design with a foil that is equally gorgeous and organic. The popularity of manicure with foil is due, firstly, to the ease of application and use of foil. Secondly, the trendy design for the nails with foil keeps on the fingers for a long period, undoubtedly delighting these lovely ladies.

Fashionable nails with foil look expressive and colorful, creating an emphasis on the handles and attracting special interest to the fingers. Decorative manicure foil has many shapes and types, which provides such a different type of nail design with foil. The most popular are the varieties of rainbow foil, which is a multi-colored piece of decor on the nails. Spectacular nail design can be obtained with pieces of foil in the form of a triangle, a diamond and other figures. Also, this foil is used for trendy broken glass nail design.Spectacular Nail Design with Foil: Fashion Innovations in 2021

Besides, there are many different foil strips on the market (thin, wide, golden and silver, matte and glossy) that the masters use for geometric nail art design, as well as an addition to any other direction of fashionable nail design with foil, which is very convenient. A bright image with a manicure can be obtained using a foil with a mirror effect, which can be golden, silver or colored. This design of nails with foil looks very courageous and impressive. Textured design of nails with an emphasis on one finger you get with a reaped foil.

Among the new products, you can select a fashionable manicure with foil in the style of Minx, which is a sticker with ready-made patterns that do not require additions in the form of drawings or prints. And this is not all the varieties of fashionable nail design with foil 2021 — even more vivid examples and photo ideas are in our photo gallery.

Foil Lettering and DesignSpectacular Nail Design with Foil: Fashion Innovations in 2021

The undoubted fashion trend of manicure for the period of 2021 is beautiful nails with the words that are complemented by the decor in the form of foil. Color foil is the best choice for this nail design. Choose a trendy nail design with white or black foil, silver and gold to complement the creative design of nails with inscriptions and words on the nails.

Matte Nail Design with FoilSpectacular Nail Design with Foil: Fashion Innovations in 2021

The trend of matte coating of nails does not lose its relevance for the first season, being presented in a variety of top nail design looks for 2021. Contrasting glittering overlaps of foil will be ideal in elegant nail-art design, but colorful bright foil is appropriate in summer nail design, as well as for lovers of extraordinary manicure with foil decor.

Nail Design with Multi-Colored FoilSpectacular Nail Design with Foil: Fashion Innovations in 2021

A bright design solution in nail design will allow you to get a trendy rainbow foil that looks very expressive and luxurious. The best substrate for nail design with rainbow foil will be a frosted dark coating, for example, black gel polish. Using different shades of foil on the nails, you can get a kind of color block design with foil decor.

Nail Design with Foil and Negative SpaceSpectacular Nail Design with Foil: Fashion Innovations in 2021

Using such a bright decor for your nails, you should definitely use a transparent background, such as the negative space technique, which will allow you to harmonize different shades and textures in the same trendy nail design. Variations of French and holes, regrown nail design and ombre manicure will perfectly fit into the modern nail design with foil and negative space.

Foil with Sprigs in Trendy Nail DesignSpectacular Nail Design with Foil: Fashion Innovations in 2021

Fashionable design of nails, with which manicure foil looks harmonious and not pretentious, will be nail art with sprigs and leaves. With the help of such a cute print, you can create an emphasis on several fingers, adding them with colored foil as a substrate, which will enrich the trendy design of nails.

Foil and Geometry in Nail DesignSpectacular Nail Design with Foil: Fashion Innovations in 2021

Using the trend print «geometry» in the nail art, do not forget about the possibility to give a little shine to your nails with the help of foil in the form of strips. This decor will not stand out too much, but at the same time it will add refinement and immediacy to beautiful geometric nail art design.

Nail Art Minimalism and FoilSpectacular Nail Design with Foil: Fashion Innovations in 2021

The advantage of colored foil is the possibility of its use in a variety of nail art styles, both chic and discreet. A trendy example of the latter will be manicure minimalism, which looks great with foil in a calm shade of cream or black coating. Also, in manicure, minimalism, you can use strips of foil or use it as a substrate for simple and simple designs of trendy minimalist nail art design.

French Design of Nails and FoilSpectacular Nail Design with Foil: Fashion Innovations in 2021

The favorite French manicure is beautiful in any design, and the proof is a French manicure decor with foil that will look extraordinarily stylish. You can imitate different kinds of “smiles” with a foil or simply add a trendy French-design of your nails with colored foil or stripes that looks creative.

Golden Nail Design with FoilSpectacular Nail Design with Foil: Fashion Innovations in 2021

Foil will become a worthy alternative to rhinestones, which looks gorgeous and rich in evening manicure design. Choose a gold nail design with foil and a dark coating that adds mystery to the image for the evening. But to make the appearance of a bright and courageous under the force of the red nail design with gold foil in the form of strips or pieces of translated gold foil on the nails of different shapes.

Foil Strips on the NailsSpectacular Nail Design with Foil: Fashion Innovations in 2021

Trendy solution in nail design with geometry and graphics, minimalism and floral motifs, marble design and negative space are strips of foil. Shades of gold and silver coatings look great in the fashionable design of nails with foil, allowing you to create a stunning and chic nail art design for every taste.

Trendy Nail Art with Foil Decor in Different Styles — The Best Innovations in the Foil Nail Design in 2021 are Shown in the Photo Gallery

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