Amazing French Manicure 2021: The Coolest French Manicure Ideas

Unsurpassed French in all its diversity — what could be more concise, gentle, restrained and amazing at the same time? Perhaps no other type of design nails can not be compared with the French nail design. What is the secret of favorite French manicure and the popularity of the design of nails in French style in the season 2021?

And everything is very simple: a French manicure design is more than a universal nail design that will help fashionistas in any situation, like the same little black Coco Chanel dress or basic wardrobe with jeans, shirt and pumps. But all the same favorite French nail design can not only be restrained. Cool ideas of French manicure 2021 are shown in completely new solutions. Thanks to the addition of traditional french, decorative elements and various means of decorating nails — you get a «bright» intriguing French manicure for different situations of your life.

Exciting kamifubuki, bright rhinestones and pixel crystals, foil in the form of stripes and prints, Yuki flakes, glitter and rubbing will make it possible to make a laconic French design incredibly beautiful and sparkling. Besides to the usual «smile» in white color, you can meet the design of marigold in French style with black, red, shiny plate tips, as well as various in shape — zigzag, triangular, asymmetrical, diagonal types of «smiles» of everyone’s favorite French manicure.

Color French ManicureAmazing French Manicure 2021: The Coolest French Manicure Ideas

Bright manicure has always attracted interest in the nails, making your look playful and memorable. Use this solution when creating a trendy color French manicure or in other words fun-French.

Bright «smiles» of French nail design and color coverings of the whole plate of the French manicure make it real the best solutions of the color French manicure 2021. Choose unusual shapes for the «smile» line in a color French, and add to them shades of terracotta, lemon, scarlet, and black varnishes.

Millenium French ManicureAmazing French Manicure 2021: The Coolest French Manicure Ideas

Do you want a holiday on nails? Trendy French millennium with a sea of ​​brilliance and sparkling particles will help you with it. A superb millennium French manicure 2021 can be performed on long, spectacular stiletto, almond, ballerina leggings, as well as concise short nails.

Accent fingers covered with sparkles of glitter, brilliant tips of the precious metal plate, sparkling confetti and foil — all this will allow you to achieve a delightful nail design «millennium French».

French Manicure with Nail ArtAmazing French Manicure 2021: The Coolest French Manicure Ideas

The most interesting version of manicure service is offered by the option of nail art design with drawings. This will be a unique French manicure with all sorts of nail art in the form of faces and silhouettes of girls, landscapes, flowers, fruit in summer french, snowflakes and Christmas balls in winter or new year French design.

In short, fashionable French manicure with drawings has a lot of ideas — from minimalism to elegant landscape and portrait nail art with stylish «smiles».

Ombre French ManicureAmazing French Manicure 2021: The Coolest French Manicure Ideas

One of the most popular combinations in nail design is a combination of French design and an ombre of nail design. And there are a lot of options — from the usual white edge of the nail to the bright and saturated color French ombre.

The linear gradient manicure with «smiles» in the style of French nail design will be pretty. Such a linear French ombre nail design is very effective, representing beautiful ideas for summer and autumn French manicure.

French Manicure with RhinestonesAmazing French Manicure 2021: The Coolest French Manicure Ideas

Pebbles and crystals are the perfect complement for a French manicure. Rhinestones for evening French nail design will be especially appropriate. Several pebbles on one nail or inlaid with rhinestones of the whole finger — any type of the French manicure will be in the trend of 2021.

Create an emphasis on the holes with sparkling rhinestones or decorate the French manicure with just a few pebbles for refinement. You can also get a refined French manicure with rhinestones and monograms, flowers modeling of acrylic powder on the nails.

French Manicure with HolesAmazing French Manicure 2021: The Coolest French Manicure Ideas

Traditional nail techniques are always perfectly combined in the same trendy nail design. And it is undoubtedly possible to say about the French manicure and the moon nail design, which are perfectly combined with one another.

After completing the French manicure, highlight the moon with some color or leave it transparent, lay it out with crystals or make triangular glitter holes that perfectly complement your French nail design.

Lace French DesignAmazing French Manicure 2021: The Coolest French Manicure Ideas

Romance fits perfectly into the French nail design, and as a version of beautiful nail art design — lace or floral lines of «smiles». Definitely, this is a courageous and extraordinary French manicure, but at the same time very surprising and unlike any other.

A delicate lace manicure in French design looks best on a neutral base with black lace on the edge of the plate or flowers and sprigs in the form of a «smile» line. The tenderness and luxury of such lace French design will be appreciated in a chic evening look.

French Design with a Double Smile LineAmazing French Manicure 2021: The Coolest French Manicure Ideas

Looking out for new and the latest ideas of French nail design, we could not get past the different styles of «smile». Besides one strip, highlighting the edge of the marigold, nail masters decided to do two at once: one more noticeable, the other — a thin and complementary design French manicure.

You can experiment in every way and try the colorful types of «smile» or made in two color shades that are simultaneously connected in one line of the «smile» of trendy French nail design.

Matte French ManicureAmazing French Manicure 2021: The Coolest French Manicure Ideas

A chic version of a French manicure covering that attracts attention with its elegance is a matte manicure effect with «smiles». Matt manicure with a French design allows you to choose very bright shades of the coating, making them not so flashy, but no less spectacular and inviting.

Trendy blue cobalt, peach, olive, khaki shades in a matte solution look amazing in the new French manicure design for short and long nails. You can add to them the brilliance of glitter, foil, pixie crystals, and also confetti.

Wedding French ManicureAmazing French Manicure 2021: The Coolest French Manicure Ideas

The tenderness, romance and naturalness in the French nail design makes it so indispensable in the images of brides. In the season 2021, all the best wedding nail designs are also strongly intertwined with a French manicure.

A charming gradient, monograms and lace, modeling and floral motifs that complement the incredible French wedding manicure, will be in great demand. Crystals and rhinestones, metallic luster of foil, glitter and kamifubuki allow complement and complete the trendy wedding French design.

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