Fascinating Manicure for Long Nails 2021-2022: Top Design Ideas for Long Nails

Beautiful and trendy manicure can be very different, both in the presented design, and in the form, the length of the nails. Despite the fact that the direction of trendy nail design is somewhat contradictory, as we can see from the example of diverse ideas of manicure minimalism and effective nail design with bright decor — in each version you will find beautiful long nails.

Trend manicure for long nails is always a spectacular and intriguing nail design. Top nail design ideas for long nails have a lot of solutions — from simple and relaxed to stunning and compelling nail art design. Beautiful long nails at all times were, and still remain decoration and accent detail in the images of many women. Trendy manicure 2021-2022 for long nails surprises with its versatility, allowing you to create any nail art that you wish.

Much in the design of long nails depends on the shape of the nail plate — sharp, «almond», oval, soft and sharp square. The best ideas for long nails manicure can be created in different colors — from light to dark, from translucent tones to intense and deep. It is the length of the nail that allows you to create a nail-art design without any limitations in decoration and painting — from inlaying with rhinestones, sequins, confetti to chic nail art with really amazing ideas on long nails.

Ombre Manicure for Long NailsFascinating Manicure for Long Nails 2021-2022: Top Design Ideas for Long Nails

As we managed to say, the superiority of length makes it possible to fully reveal the beauty of a trend manicure. And it did not bypass the original ombre manicure for long nails 2021-2022.

A glossy and matte ombre manicure on long nails, in a bright or very delicate shade, linear or diagonal, as well as in the trend traditional ombre manicure for long nails will look beautiful.

Having played with the options of colors and techniques, you can perform a gradient with rhinestones in a matte-glossy solution for the evening or a discreet ombre for every day. Also, a colorful solution will be a trendy manicure for long nails with an ombre effect for summer.

Words on Long NailsFascinating Manicure for Long Nails 2021-2022: Top Design Ideas for Long Nails

A wonderful idea of ​​manicure can be a version of nail art with words and letters that is increasingly gaining popularity in the season 2021-2022. Different kinds of inscriptions — from individual words and letters on long nails to whole sentences can appear as a print on your fingers in a trendy nail art design for long nails.

It is best to perform this kind of inscriptions on long nails in monochrome, which will be more expressive. You can decorate or individual fingers, such as large or ring, and you can also write on all nails.

Foil and glitter on one nail will help add notes of glamor in manicure on long nails with letters and words. An interesting feature is the tandem of solid varnish with black letters and words on long nails with a bright coating on all other nails, which will look very impressive in the design for long nails.

Minimalism Manicure for Long NailsFascinating Manicure for Long Nails 2021-2022: Top Design Ideas for Long Nails

The contrasting combination of minimalist nail designs with their length makes it possible to achieve a very sophisticated and elegant nail art for long nails in the season 2021-2022.

In a minimalist design, traditional shades will look best — muted and calm. The trend for long nails will be nude bodily shades, which give a special charm to a long manicure.

The prints for nail-art minimalist will be simple drawings with simple execution — points and lines, triangles, as well as sketches made with thin lines, such as a street lamp.

Confetti on Long NailsFascinating Manicure for Long Nails 2021-2022: Top Design Ideas for Long Nails

Amazing confetti has become an integral part of the trendy nail art of long nails. Picking up different confetti you can perform a very interesting design of long nails.

Leading pros skillfully combine fashionable manicure for long nails with confetti and inscriptions, color gradient, matte coating and other nail design techniques.

The manicure with confetti, laid out on the entire surface of two fingers, in the center of which you can make an inscription in a frame, having painted the other fingers with an effective bright shade of gel polish, will be amazing and charming.

Matte Long Nails DesignFascinating Manicure for Long Nails 2021-2022: Top Design Ideas for Long Nails

Attractively and so effectively demonstrated long nails with a matte finish. Particularly delightful look long nails with matte patterns and nail art in different solutions.

Trendy manicure with long matte nails in the direction of an ombre, monochrome, with sand, inscriptions will allow you to achieve the best designs of a fashionable manicure on long nails with a matte effect 2021-2022.

Long Nails DrawingFascinating Manicure for Long Nails 2021-2022: Top Design Ideas for Long Nails

The main decoration for long nails can serve as prints and sketches, if you decide to create a memorable and compelling nail design.

For a romantic manicure, you can use flowers and palm branches, graphic motifs are perfect for the office, and for every day — an abstraction as a design for long nails.

Playful and stylish nail art design for long nails can be made with unusual patterns in the style of «eye see you» in the form of faces, as well as playful bunnies and other animals will achieve a stunning manicure with pictures on long nails.

Amazing Manicure for Long Nails 2021-2022: Top Design Examples for Long Nails

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