The Best Top 10 Matte Manicure Trends 2019 — New Ideas and Techniques

If you want to create a beautiful image that would look rich and luxurious, then you should definitely pay attention to the chic matte design of manicure. Nice to the touch and pleasing to the eye, fashionable matte manicure will be an amazing decoration for your nails of any shape and length. Besides, matte nails will be appropriate, as in a festive look, and everyday outfits, which is very convenient in the rhythm of life of modern ladies.

New ideas of nail design offer matte manicure 2019 in different styles — from minimalist to effective matte design with sparkles. The matte manicure in light and dark shades of coatings is excellent, and also the trend neon matte nail art design will not leave anyone indifferent. A luxurious matte red, blue, coral, chocolate, as well as a matte nude will be your favorite for cool design of matte manicure.

To achieve a trendy matte effect on the nails can be done in several ways — use a ready-made matte polish or fix it all with a matte top, which will give your nails the desired matte effect. In any case, you will receive an original matte manicure in your favorite nail technique — from new nail design with the effect of quail eggs or “unicorn tear” to your favorite french or moon design in a matte design.

Matt Manicure «Unicorn Tear»

The new trend of manicure, which is of particular interest and attention, is the nail design “unicorn tear”, which is also called “liquid metal”, “mercury”, “melted gold”. There are a lot of variations of the name and types of this fashion trend in nail design, and you can choose the only one that you will like the most. After all, creating a trendy matte manicure “Tear of the Unicorn” is quite easy — you just need to choose the foil shade you like, fix it on the painted droplets using a top, fix the foil on top, dry it in the lamp, and removing the foil you’ll get a beautiful matte manicure design in the technique of a tear of the unicorn.

Matte Moon Manicure

A trendy idea of ​​matte nail design will be a manicure with holes, which is suggested by leading nail masters in several solutions. As a festive matte design manicure, you can create holes with a glitter of the type «precious metals». Laconic fashionable matte minimalism on the nails with holes, moon french and “negative space”. Be sure to try the trendy matt moon design with geometric moon shapes.

Matte Manicure with Crystals

Glittering rhinestones in fashionable nail design always attracts rave looks. An excellent solution will be a trendy matte manicure with pixie crystals and Swarovski crystals that will give your nails a stunning effect. The contrast of matte manicure and the brilliance of the pebbles will be the perfect choice for an evening manicure design. Lay out the pebbles on the nails with a matte design can be differently — in bulk, in the corner of the nail, in the form of geometric figures and hearts.

Matte Multicolored Manicure

Different shades of lacquers will help to add playfulness to your new look with a fashionable matte manicure. This approach has become a fashionable trend of manicure, when craftsmen create multi-colored designs on the right and left hand, and also use several shades of coating on the nails in the same design. We suggest that you make such a nice matte manicure using the technique of splitting the nail into two halves and covering them with different matte shades. Add some crystals, and you will get an original trendy matte manicure design.

Beautiful «Peas» on Matte Nails

Manicure ideas with dots and polka dots look extraordinary and very cute, allowing you to add lightness and unobtrusiveness to any of your looks. The original matte manicure with polka dot nail art will be very original if you use sparkles and glitter to create a trendy polka dots print on matte nails.

New Nail Trend: Manicure with the Effect of Quail Eggs

A very daring design of a manicure with a pattern that resembles the look of quail eggs was suggested by the nail master in the coming season. This nail technique is presented in a variety of ideas and styles of matte manicure. A special coating that allows you to get a fashionable and desirable matte effect «quail eggs» on your nails, you can find the brand Illamasqua. Trendy will be fashionable matte manicure with a similar design in yellow, purple, pink, beige, red, green shades that can be easily combined in one manicure.

Matte Manicure with Foil Stripes

Nail decoration foil will be number one among the top designs of the coming season. Stripes in silver or gold tint will add a glamorous touch to the calm matt design of your manicure. Combining the wide and narrow strips of foil on matte nails, you can get a very original matte nail design. A manicure with stripes will suit almost all your outfits.

Matte Nail Art «Abstraction»

Unlike any other manicure — a new abstract nail art design that every time will be unique and inimitable. Fashionable matte nails with abstract nail art design will be another trend of nail design for the forthcoming 2019 season. Different combinations of stripes and dots, geometric shapes, zigzags and color gradients will be used in a trendy matt nail design with an abstract print.

Matte Manicure with Smoky Effect

Unusual design of manicure with a matte finish can be obtained thanks to the effect of smoky nail art. The trend of the nail design will be the emphasis on two fingers, made with a smoky effect on the matte finish of the nails. To obtain such a smoky nail art design, you will need gel-paint, gel-paste and stained glass polish, which will help to achieve a trendy matte manicure with a smoky pattern.

Matte Leopard Nail Art

Prints on the nails in the style of «animalism» and predatory patterns will be the hits of trendy nail art in the forthcoming season. Novelties of predatory matte manicure are offered in a bright and soothing color, with additional decoration with rhinestones, foil and sparkles. Nail-masters offer to decorate only one or two fingers with leopard or any other predatory pattern, which will add sophistication to dull nails of any length.

Matte Minimalism Nail Design

Versatile and trendy design of the manicure you’ll get with a concise matte minimalism on the nails. It can be strips or micro-prints, small floral motifs and graphics that look at the same time succinctly and original. The advantage of this nail design will be the aspect that you can wear such a fashionable matte manicure «minimalism» in the office, and also, if necessary, add any outfit to it, even a festive one.

The Best Matte Manicure Trends 2019 – 80+ Latest and Hottest Matte Nail Art Ideas


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