Bright Ideas of Nail Design 2019: the Top 20 Trends of the New Season

Do you want to pamper yourself with a new nail design in the new season that would fit perfectly into your spectacular outfit? We offer you new solutions for nail design that will make your nails the most fashionable and stylish this season. We collected creative ideas for manicure design using the example of the top 20 trends that will be very popular among women of all ages.

Leading nail masters used various techniques and methods turning the new nail designs of 2019 into reality, which could adequately decorate women’s hands in any situation — at a festive dinner or business meeting, for walks and shopping, in the office and everyday life. These are the trendy ideas for nail design, we are ready to offer you today in our review.

Meet in the new season 2019 trendy nail design with drawings — predatory print, flowers, abstraction, geometric patterns, ethno-motifs and print «polka dots», which will creatively complete any trendy nail art design. A truly cool nail design, resembling a quail egg pattern, and a spectacular foil decor in the nail design “Tear of the Unicorn.” Besides, you will be pleased with the new ideas of traditional nail design of French manicure, nail design with holes, ombre and “negative space”, stamping and “color block” of nail design.

And it’s not all novelties of nail design 2019, but only a small part of them. We take a closer look at the trends in nail design using the example of the top 20 most interesting nail art ideas in 2019.

Translucent Nail Design

A sophisticated nail design that can be the perfect choice for everyday manicure, for walks and the youngest lady’s choice of nail design is a beautiful translucent nail design. Refer to the shades of nude and cream, pale pink and barely noticeable lilac color, which will help to achieve the desired translucent manicure design. This trend of nail design with a translucent coating for short nails is especially relevant.

Ombre Nail Design

If you want to create a nice nail monodesign without too much decoration on the nails, so you should choose the ombre nail technique. Beautiful manicure design with a gradient effect will allow you to achieve different styles of manicure — bright and contrast, delicate and romantic.

Nail Design with Inscriptions

New styles of nail design have been replenished with creative inscriptions of various subjects — these can be short words “love” and “amor”, “summer”, as well as motivating phrases that have a special meaning for owners of such an unusual and original nail art design in the form of inscriptions .

French Manicure Design

The classic nail design, which we still often see on the hands of a celebrity and a business woman, is definitely a French manicure. It is worth noting that the leading masters offer so interesting and original new French nail designs that you should definitely try them. Create a matt French nail design with smiles in white, black and silver with glitter — a nice new design idea for your nails.

Nail Design with Rubbing

A beautiful shining of the nails will give rubbing with a pearl effect, but to achieve an intriguing design on your nails will allow mirror rubbing. Besides, masters are ready to offer for you a lot of new ideas of nail design with different shades of rubbing — in the color of emerald a rubble “May beetle” is suggested, a holographic rubbing will please you with a multi-colored radiance. Trendy manicure design with rubbing allows you to complement it with rhinestones and flowers in the nail modeling technique.

Trendy Design «Unicorn’s Tear»

With an unusual solution as a new nail design 2019, the masters are ready to surprise — chic nail art “unicorn’s tear”. This trend nail art design looks courageously and original, not looking like the nail art we know. You can get different shape droplets with the help of top and multi-colored foil.

Nail Design of Nude Style

The perfect choice for modern women is a nude nail design. Nude nail design looks great in any look, allowing you not to create a bright accent on your hands, but at the same time emphasize their well-groomed appearance. This is very important in a businesslike manner, as well as in everyday life, when a universal nail design, such as nude manicure, will be very useful.

Trendy Deep Design Manicure

A new solution in the nail design offered the master, using a stencil. You can get a variety of nail designs with drawings in ta 3D style with it, which attracts attention and enchants with just one look at the trendy manicure design using the Deep Design technique.

Geometric Manicure Design

To achieve a stylish nail design will help correctly selected drawings in fashionable nail art design. These can be geometric prints that are ideal for the office, and in nail design with sparkles can be a great solution for some holiday look or corporate party.

Pixie Crystal Nail Art Design

Small pebbles allow you to create incredible beauty of nail designs, covering the nail plate entirely. This trendy nail design looks spectacular and festive. Manicure design with crystals will be harmonious for short and long nails. If you desire, these decorative tools can be reused in subsequent nail designs, which is very convenient.

Nail Design with Kamifubuki

Glittering confetti will allow you to create a holiday on your hands in a few minutes, as the 2019 top manicure design ideas demonstrate to us. Pay attention to stylish monochrome kamifubuki, as well as multi-colored diamond shaped confetti, hearts, stars, that will help you to execute beautiful nail design of any style.

Floral Nail Art Design

Floral ornaments allow you to transform the nail design, not only in spring, but in any other period of the year. Using not only the flowers in the usual form, but also the twigs and leaves, you can create a new nail design with floral motifs you like.

Nail Design with Holes

The tendencies in moon nail design are closely intertwined with the French manicure, the “regrown” nail design and the negative space nail technique. Increasingly, we can see the diverse ideas of matte nail design with holes, complemented by the aforementioned techniques, as well as bright shades of gel polish.

Nail Design «Negative Space»

The undoubted favorite among the top nail designs can be called «negative space». Due to the lightness and unobtrusiveness of this manicure design, it can be easily combined in any other design — ombre, geometric, “color block”, and you always get a stylish nail design as a result.

Predatory Nail Design

Trend among the nail polish designs propose will be trendy leopard nail art design. A courageous manicure with a predatory looks surprisingly soft and gentle. Red gel polish, glitter foil and glitter will help to make a predatory nail design more spectacular.

Minimalism Nail Art

Trendy minimalism on the nails does not leave the rating of top nail designs for the season 2019, which is so easy to do. A simple design of nails using the “minimalism” technique can be done with a minimal amount of decor: just draw a small heart from glitter, use foil strips or small crystals to create a trendy nail design on nails of any length.

Smoke Effect on Nails

The haze on the nails will be another trend of nail art, which different pro masters perform differently — using gel paste, gel polishes and acrylic powder. Effective design of nails with a smoke offered more often in a dark color. The masters decided to perform the incredible purple color of the smoky pattern on a neutral coating nude, which made it possible to achieve stunning nail-art design on the nails with the «almond» form.

Matte Nail Design

Matt coated nails today do not surprise anyone, but to execute a new nail design in this decision, no one forbid. A chic manicure design with an unusual ombre in a gray-black palette and with ruby ​​pebbles is proposed as a festive nail art for short nails for the evening. Incredible matte nail art design is shown with an abstract pattern in the style of «galaxy» with small sparkles.

Nail Design with Rhinestones

The best choice for a chic manicure for the evening will be the nail design with rhinestones. Large and small pebbles, matte and sparkling allow you to achieve a different effect on the nails, which will help to choose the design of nails with rhinestones not only for the evening, but even as a manicure design for the day.

Nail Design with Drawing

New ideas of painting on the nails allow you to use different art or images — from the usual flowers to the fascinating animalism. Among the new trends of prints on the nails are offered beautiful hummingbirds, flamingos, palm trees and leaves, branches and characters from movies and anime. Considering the incredible nail art design with drawings, you can find a lot of solutions for a holiday at sea, to celebrate Halloween and St. Valentine’s Day.

The Latest Trends of Nail Design 2019: New 100+ Photos of Manicure Design Ideas in Different Styles


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