Nail Art Design Ideas 2019: Creative Manicure Novelties with Patterns and Prints

The variety of modern nail art is so amazing and unusual that no woman can resist the top ideas of nail design with drawings. The trends of prints that decorate the nails in the new season of 2019 are demonstrated by various options — both extremely simple and light nail art, and amazing techniques of nail art with paintings and sketches.

Each of the trendy nail designs with drawings and patterns requires a different level of skill, therefore, both beginners and professionals with experience can translate the patterns on the nails into reality, choosing the most suitable for themselves. Popular will be painting nails with landscapes for winter, or romantic cityscapes for a special occasion, cute animals, minimalism in different solutions, favorite characters from films and cartoons, portraits and faces of girls, as well as many other things you can find in our gallery cool nail design ideas with drawings.

Special attention should be paid to the thematic manicure and seasonal nail designs, which will differ just in the prints that adorn the trendy nail art. For the fall, these are leaves on the nails, in winter — snowflakes, in summer — juicy fruits, and in spring — flowers on the nails. This is not the limit of all that can be created as a drawings on the nails, for more beautiful photos of the ideas of nail art — see in the gallery below.

As for the nail technician who will be top for the performance of trend patterns on the nails in the season of 2019 — this is the design of nails in the technique of «water way», drawings with watercolor paints, stamping nail art. For beginners, an unpretentious variation of nail design with drawings and patterns can be a slider design with ready-made stickers, which requires only the ability to glue prints on nails and properly seal them with a top coat.

Considering all sorts of trends in the patterns on the nails, you can find diverse styles — from minimalism to complex and combined solutions for nail design with drawings. Both directions have their admirers and look great. Which of the newfangled styles of nail patterns to prefer is to choose exclusively for you, based on the length and shape of your plate, style and image, as well as personal aesthetic preferences.

Seasonal Trends in Nail Art Design

Wanting to be in trend, one cannot but take into account the weather outside the window and the current season of the year, which dictates the choice of one or another fashionable manicure with drawings. Top ideas and trends of nail art design for each season, we show here in the photo.

Design Nails with Drawings for Autumn

Autumn drawings on the nails will delight you with warm colors of paints and creativity of fashionable patterns. First of all, it is leaves and branches, cute animals — foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels, as well as geometric patterns. The main feature of autumn nail art should be a deep intense color of the coating when creating drawings and prints for autumn.

Nail Design with Pictures for Winter

Winter motifs of drawings and prints for decorating nails are snow and frost patterns, snowmen, bullfinches, Christmas decorations, bears and Santa. Winter manicure with pictures of snow-covered landscapes, especially complemented with powder or flock and crystals, will be a great one.

Nail Design with Drawings for Spring

In spring, the soul wants flowers and tenderness, which is so vividly reflected in spring nail design. The trend for spring 2019 will be the drawings on the nails with flowers, using watercolor paints and the “negative space” technique, which makes it possible to realize the most delicate spring nail art design.

Nail Design with Drawings for Summer

Almost any bright manicure can be leveled to the design of nails for summer, and not only the neon shades of gel polish, but also no less gripping patterns on the nails this summer can be done. Pink flamingos and hummingbirds, bright tropical plants, juicy fruits on the nails in the form of pineapple, banana, watermelon, strawberries will help to turn any nail art design into a memorable one this summer.

Super drawings on nails: the main trends of prints and patterns

In addition to the seasonal prints on the nails, an important role is played by fresh trends and directions of nail art, which will allow you to realize on your hands only the most creative manicure with drawings and patterns in the season 2019. And what pictures can be on the nails — we will tell you further …

Romantic Nails Design with Drawings

Romantic images require appropriate nail art and nail prints. Wedding, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, New Year, date — for each event you should perform a luxurious manicure with rhinestones and pebbles in the form of drawings. Not superfluous will be the drawings on the nails with monograms and curls, creating luxurious lace patterns and patterns on the nails. In the trend of romantic nail art design will be hearts, silhouettes of girls, landscapes on nails with the Eiffel Tower.

Nail Art Using Minimalism

Geometrical nail art design 2019 is shown in completely new solutions, which allows it to remain popular in beer and at the same time easily fit into any of your outfit. A stylish manicure with drawings can be supplemented with glitter droplets in the form of glitter and strips of foil, from which the geometric patterns on the nails become even more spectacular.

Nail Art «Animalism»

The motifs of animalism or, in other words, images of animals on the nails, are becoming increasingly popular and in demand for women. If earlier we observed a manicure with drawings of cats and bears, today it is a wide range of prints: from tropical birds to turtles, bugs and even snakes are found in the form of drawings on nails.

Nail Design with Drawings «Abstraction»

In search of fresh ideas, and tired of the usual abundance of patterns on the nails, both traditional and fancy, you can resort to abstract solutions of prints on the nails that will allow you to refresh any type of nail design with drawings. Vivid sketches in an abstract style will be great on both short and long nails.

Cool Nail Art Design with Famous Characters

Trendy women can be delighted with the fashionable nail design with drawings depicting famous characters of comics and various films that are well known to all. Batman, Spiderman, Catwoman, Groot, cartoon characters Minnie and Mickey Mouse will help diversify the variability of cool patterns on the nails that you can recreate in your new manicure with pictures for the forthcoming season.

Creative Manicure with Drawings 2019: New Examples of Nail Design with Patterns and Prints for Any Taste in the Photo Gallery


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