Wonderful New Year’s Manicure 2020: Brilliant Ideas of Nail Design for The New Year

The holiday is coming to us … You probably guessed that this is us about the New Year — the most long-awaited and beloved holiday, both of children and adults. In the New Year, a special atmosphere of joy, magic and expectations of a miracle soars are in the air. For the New Year holiday, a special preparation is carried out, including the purchase of gifts, the compilation of the menu, as well as external transformations. The latter is more concerned with lovely ladies who want to look irresistible on New Year’s Eve.

And an important component of the New Year’s image, of course, will be the trendy New Year’s nail design, without which a delightful bow for the New Year will not take place. In the rich arsenal of pro masters there are bright new manicure for the New Year for any of your outfit — from a dress, evening trousers, skirt or overalls.

It is especially important to choose a wonderful New Year’s manicure for a corporate party. This should be a trendy mix of business and office nail design with a festive touch. Glitter and delicate rhinestones that complement the gradient or geometric nail art will cope with this task perfectly.

To create a fashionable New Year’s manicure, you can best of all with glitter and pebbles, crystals and pixies and foil, allowing you to add sophistication, elegance and radiance. Gorgeous shades of emerald green, burgundy, wine, blue and green, yellow and red with the effects of matte and glossy coatings will look great with fashionable New Year’s nail design.

Let us say at once that the trendy manicure novelties for the New Year 2020, proposed by masters from around the world will be quite different, and this is not only a New Year manicure with Santa, snowflakes, Christmas trees and balls, bunnies and bears. A huge selection of manicure examples for the New Year 2020 is offered, first of all, with the decoration of rhinestones and pebbles, and, secondly, with a painting — from simple stars to breathtaking winter landscapes.

New-fashioned winter manicure is excellent in the technique of «liquid metal» or «tear of the unicorn», with fashionable patterns «spider» and «knitted sweater», gorgeous stripes. Incredible effect in the New Year’s manicure will introduce rubbing, with which you can create a wonderful gradient on the nails for the New Year’s celebration. Charming shades of gel polish and trendy decor in trendy techniques and fashionable manicure techniques will provide an intriguing and bright nail design for the New Year 2020, which will be remembered by everyone. Check out our photo-rating of the best ideas of the New Year’s manicure 2020, as well as even more new products await you in the collection of photos of the manicure for the New Year, before which no girl can resist.

New Trends in New Year’s Manicure 2020: Photo Ideas of Trendy Nail Design for The New Year

Velvet Manicure for New Year with Glitter

Magic notes in the trendy New Year’s nail design will bring a matte and velvet effect. The new designs offer a matte manicure for the New Year with the decor of rhinestones and sparkles, both large and very delicate over the entire surface of the matte finish. The combination of matte-glossy effect in the New Year’s manicure with pictures and various decorative elements will be fashionable.

New Year’s Nail Design with Christmas Balls

A fashionable attribute in decorating nails for the New Year is rhinestones laid out on a nails in the shape of a Christmas ball, which looks very cute and exciting, creating voluminous “drawings” on nails.

New Year’s Manicure with Asterisks

A stylish manicure for the New Year holiday is offered with the design of asterisks, which are performed with the help of liquid glitter. Interesting will be the decoration with stars on one of the nails in the trendy New Year’s manicure, as well as the use of black, gray, white gel varnishes and glitter, which you can cover your fingers in turns, decorating them with shiny stars.

Manicure for the New Year with Snowflakes

The symbol of the winter season and the New Year including — snowflakes, which from season to season do not cease to decorate New Year’s nails, as we will see in the 2020 season. Pro masters propose to use different versions of snowflakes — from painted and three-dimensional, to shiny or inlaid with rhinestones.

Chic New Year Manicure with Rhinestones

Multi-colored rhinestones, large and very small, will be the charming end of a New Year’s manicure in any technique — ombre, French or web. An interesting New Year’s manicure will be for short nails in monochrome design with rhinestones. Long nails are best decorated with large rhinestones in a color version and different in shape, having obtained beautiful figurines made of rhinestones in a fashionable manicure design for the New Year 2020.

French Manicure for the New Year

Brilliant and elegant French — a great idea of ​​a New Year’s manicure, if you use sparkles to decorate the edges of the nail and add pictures or rhinestones to them. Also interesting is the black French manicure for the New Year, complemented by an accent pattern in the “gossamer” style, or a combined New Year French manicure with a black-shiny “smile”.

New Year’s Manicure with a Dial

The chiming clock and the expectation of the new year are associated with the clock, which can serve as an unusual idea for the design of the New Year’s manicure 2020, namely, to depict the dial on one of the nails, using paints and small pebbles, which will be symbolic and so cute.

New Year’s Manicure 2020: Look at the Photos on the Most Beautiful and Inspirational New Manicure for the New Year


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