Chic Pedicure with Rhinestones 2019: Great Pedicure Novelties with Rhinestones

Beautiful pedicure is a good idea to make your image more attractive and charming, regardless of the season. We pay special attention to well-groomed nails on legs during the warm period, as well as during the period with open shoes, which allows us to demonstrate in all its glory the excellent design of a pedicure.

The trendy pedicure with rhinestones in the season of 2019, the top novelties of which we will show you today in our review, will make your look for the evening and celebration the most charming and brilliant. Spectacular and intriguing pedicure with rhinestones is flawless in many of its variations and directions that will surprise even the most demanding and sophisticated lady.

Choosing a trend pedicure with rhinestones, you can become the owner of the most unusual and unique design pedicure for every taste — from bright and memorable to delicate and refined. Everything depends, first of all, on the type of pebbles themselves — it can be Swarovski crystals, beads, Pixie crystal chips, as well as other types of rhinestones will allow you to make a chic pedicure design at your request.

The colors, shapes and sizes of rhinestones can vary, which together will make it possible to execute various figures made of rhinestones on your nails. To complement the sparkling rhinestones in the new design of the pedicure can be different in the type of nail technique and the leading directions of the nail art — French, moon design, painting, marble nail-art, matte effect, sparkles and ombre manicure.

Marble Pedicure with Rhinestones

The spectacular design of the pedicure 2019 is in no way inferior to the novelties of the nail art as such, and the wonderful marble effect that will decorate your feet nails will serve as proof of this. Marble pedicure is ideal for winter, due to its “coldness” of the pattern, which comes from the marble effect. Give the same glamor notes allow pebbles and sparkles in the form of rhinestones, as well as glitter in a trendy pedicure design with rhinestones. A charming marble pedicure pattern with rhinestones looks mysteriously and naturally, conveying the beauty of marble nail art.

French Pedicure with Rhinestones

Adorable and unpretentious nail-art can always be performed in the technique of French, which is one of the tops now for more than one year. New ideas and views allow you to perform trend French pedicure 2019, such as combining with rhinestones and unusual kinds of «smiles». A bright French pedicure or a neutral, discreet, dark French pedicure with rhinestones will be equally irresistible on your fingers, adding elegance and irresistible.

Matt Pedicure with Rhinestones

Luxurious pedicure in tandem with restraint will give you a matte design pedicure. Rhinestones serve as a contrasting element in the design of matte pedicure, which will reveal all the charm of the muffled and mysterious matte pedicure with rhinestones 2019. Matte pedicure looks great with rhinestones in dark shades — black, emerald, blue, khaki, cobalt, purple, plum.

Gentle Pedicure with Rhinestones

For a romantic look, a trendy pedicure with rhinestones in delicate tones — beige, powdery, milky, white — is just perfect. If you wish, you can create a beautiful pedicure with monochrome rhinestones in a delicate color or use the neural technique of lunar design, French or “negative space”. The monochromatic three-dimensional drawings of dots with a scattering of rhinestones, crystal chips in the form of a thumb cover with rhinestones, as well as other variations of a gentle pedicure with rhinestones in 2019 that are collected in the collection below will become beautiful.

Bright Pedicure with Rhinestones

In summer, perhaps, not to do without a pedicure that adorns the beautiful legs of beautiful ladies. Trendy summer pedicure can be very different, but still the most desirable will be a bright pedicure for the summer, which will immediately be remembered for a long time. Bright gel polishes, top nail techniques and rhinestones will help you create a super trendy bright pedicure 2019-2020. Geometry, floral prints, colorful and monochrome pedicure designs in bright color, which are complemented with rhinestones, will be an amazing addition to your legs in the season 2019-2020.

Rhinestones Strips in Pedicure Design

Strips in any form is the trend of nail art, which is combined with many other variations of the decoration of nails. And how can you not take advantage of the great idea to add a trend pedicure with strip-like rhinestones? To do this, you can use any rhinestones that need to be laid out along or across the nail. If desired, you can make several rows of rhinestones in the form of one wide stripe along the finger, use a couple of colored rhinestones, or add other types of pedicure — holes, prints, “negative space”.

Pedicure with Flowers and Rhinestones

And if you and I considered the amazing ideas of a bright pedicure for summer, an intriguing winter pedicure with a marble effect, an autumn matte pedicure with rhinestones, then a floral pedicure with rhinestones would be a great idea for spring. Wonderful flowers in the design of a pedicure can, of course, be a variant of a pedicure for any season, but in spring, you certainly cannot do without charming buds, twigs and flowers on the fingers of your feet. And at the end of a delightful pedicure with flowers, choose a couple of pebbles with which to complete the luxurious design of the 2019 pedicure in a stunning design.

Chic Pedicure Ideas with Rhinestones 2019: Top Novelty Pedicure Design with Rhinestones in the Photo Gallery


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