Manicure for Short Nails 2019-2020: Fashion Novelties and Trends for Short Nails

Beauty in the modern sense more and more acquires natural outlines: tenderness and nude tones, soft forms and muffled. It is well seen in the trends of the manicure of 2019-2020, namely the trend of the amazing design for short nails.

Trendy new short nails or short manicure 2019-2020 is almost a mandatory component of the top looks. The trend of naturalness is also increasing with fashionable trends in clothes and accessories, with which fashionable short nails look stunning. The spectacular design of short nails to pick up the amazing beauty of a festive manicure, casual, office and business design of small and short nails 2019-2020.

Foil, glitter and mica, Yuki flakes, pixie crystals, camoufs, drawings of flowers, hearts, and animals will make a highlight in the design for short nails and make the design for a short manicure special. Trendy nail art and painting will decorate any manicure for short nails 2019-2020.

Seasonal Manicure for Short Nails: Ideas of Nail Art

Modern nail design in each season has its own innovations and trends, which are also inherent in the design for short nails. What are the top new ideas waiting for you this fall, winter, spring and summer in manicure for short nails — see below …

Trendy Short Nails for Autumn

A warm range of shades, deep tones, warming motifs — all this unites the top design for short nails 2019-2020 for autumn. Beautiful autumn manicure for short nails should be performed with shades of khaki and gold, yellow tones and thematic prints on short nails, which are typical for this time of the year. Use nude shades, foil, glitter, “negative space” and by all means matte effect for velvet short nails for autumn 2019-2020.

Fashionable Manicure for Short Nails for Winter

Winter is a period of cold colors in the design of manicure for short nails. Blue tones with white, blue, black, turquoise, red shades in winter design for a short manicure will look especially impressive. Sparkles glitter, rhinestones, foil in the form of “broken glass”, as well as chic solemn short nails in Manicure design for the New Year and Christmas with snowflakes and Christmas trees will be the trend of nail art for short nails 2019-2020.

New Manicure for Short Nails for Spring

When everything comes to life and becomes so flourishing, short nails should also be decorated with pretty flowers in a pastel range of shades. Charming spring manicure for short nails 2019-2020 can be performed with a pleasant ombre, leaves and pebbles, portraits of girls in the style of eye see you, as well as in the style of minimalism, which turns out to be trends in fashionable nail art design on short nails in spring.

Nail Design Short Nails for Summer

In the summer, the brightness of the manicure design on short nails rolls over. The neat technique with a gradient in the new views of the season 2019-2020 gives laconism to a bright short manicure for the summer. “Negative space”, nail glitter, matte coating on short nails in an intense neon shade, as well as minimalism will also add brevity to a short nail design for the summer.

Top 10 trends: Techniques and Styles of Short Nail Design 2019-2020

Cute short nails with trendy nail art do not leave the leading position among the fashionable ideas of manicure for more than one season. Trendy short nail designs this season can be found on the square, round, oval shape of the nail plate. But what will be the best design for short nails — we will describe further …


The unusual and always interesting design for short nails offers us the trend reception of nail design — foil. The foil prints on the nails in any of the shades give a special chic, non-triviality and dissimilarity to any other nail design 2019-2020. At the same time, trendy short nails with foil can be both everyday and solemn.


Beauty in simplicity … Minimalism as the direction of the current nail design is best realized in the short length of the plate. Trendy short nails in the design of minimalism look incredibly harmonious — geometry and graphics, flowers and simple pictures will become a trend for short nails.

«Negative Space»

Transparency in manicure always gives ease and simplifies any nail design, especially the manicure on short nails, where there is not enough space for nail-drawing. Abstraction, geometry, floral motifs, a bright gradient with «islands», as well as other top techniques in the design on short nails can be supplemented with «negative space» for conciseness.

«Eye See You»

Quite often you met beautiful and unusual patterns with faces, eyes and eyelashes on your nails — all of this has its own name, namely, the “eye see you” manicure. Interesting short nails in this style will be unsurpassed. Charming girls, bright faces with sponges and eyes look new in the design for short nails, which became the trend of manicure 2019-2020.

Rub in

Delicate pearl or a spectacular mirror shine for your little nails will give rubbing for nails. Short nails with rubbing on a couple of fingers will fascinate everyone. In addition to the design of short nails with rubbing in, you can add glitter and foil, as well as cute and funny nail art.


The new trend of nail art on short nails will be all sorts of inscriptions — slogans, declarations of love, names, as well as words and letters, which make any manicure design, including on short nails, trendy. To do this, simply complete the desired inscription on the thumb with a monochrome manicure, and a unique short manicure with inscriptions is ready.

«Broken Glass»

Foil looks original, as in the form of prints, and in the form of pieces of foil of different shapes. This allows you to embody a beautiful design of short nails using the “broken glass” technique with elegant tints. You can vary the short manicure with foil graphic prints and geometry, simple lines and stripes.


Tired of the graphics and the flowers on the nails are also pretty fed up? Then the masters decided to offer an alternative — a trend manicure for short nails with twigs. Manicure looks stylish on short nails with twigs, executed in a pastel range of shades. It is possible to cover the branches with pebbles and rhinestones, to be made in different shades to decorate small nail points.


Showiness and originality make short matte nail designs incredibly popular in the season 2019-2020. Whatever you are going to make a matte manicure for short nails — neon, dark, delicate — any design of short nails with a velvet coating will undoubtedly be beautiful.


Ombre nail design is familiar to us for a long time, but the masters are all modernizing it, offering unusual solutions for short nails manicure with a gradient of color. Incredibly exciting ombre manicure in the design on short nails with lines, “negative space”, velvet powder looks irresistible.

Manicure Novelties for Short Nails 2019-2020: Inspirational Examples of Nail Art for Short Nails in the Photo


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