Fashion Trends of Light Nail Design 2020: Top 12 Ideas for Simple Manicure

The beauty of manicure is not always determined by the rich decor and a lot of jewelry on the nails, and, sometimes, the simplicity and unobtrusiveness of the nail design you created will make your hands especially charming. Novelties of modern nail design are offered in a large abundance of styles and techniques, which are very diverse and multifaceted. Therefore, along with fashionable combined manicure, get ready to meet no less trendy and popular simple and easy manicure in the 2020 season.

Fashionable simple nail design is proposed by the masters, both in monophonic mono-design and with decor. The latter looks very concise and extremely restrained, not at all overloading the nail design, making simple manicure more interesting and creative. Unique and fashionable simple manicure this season meet minimalism and abstraction in design, with a gradient and holes, a gentle rub and matte foil.

Simple manicure in design with rhinestones and pebbles, with matte kamifubuki and delicate sequins looks insanely beautiful. Even simple strips in a fashionable and light manicure can transform any mono-design of nails, giving them the missing accents. In addition to strips, you can use shining ribbons on the nails of different widths, create “unicorn tears” using foil, and also refer to the ageless design of nails in a French style.

As you can see, the ideas of simple manicure for the 2020 season will be in abundance, which cannot but rejoice. We will show the top options of trendy simple manicure and light nail design with a simple and unobtrusive decor right now using the TOP-12 trends, as well as in our photo gallery below.

Trendy Simple Manicure with Stripes

Stripes are an important element of the trendy manicure for the next season, which looks very concise and simply, while giving a special style to the fashionable ne-design. Stylish simple manicure can be done with strips, both vertical and diagonal, or any other that you like. In addition, a simple manicure with stripes can always be complemented with sparkles or a marble pattern.

Brilliant Simple Sequin Manicure

Sparkling nails will look very nice in a delicate style of nail design and with a monochrome coating. If desired, you can create a gentle pastel manicure with similar shades of color, creating a stretch of color or simply covering the entire nail with sparkles, which will add effect to a simple nail design.

Amazing Simple Manicure with Rhinestones

Rhinestones are mainly a decor for manicure for an evening or a holiday, but today we will show you how the craftsmen managed to use rhinestones to create a super-fashionable simple manicure. For this, it’s only worth picking up small pebbles with a matte or muted shade of luster, laying out in line with the central large pebble. It looks so simple manicure gently and reverently.

Simple and Easy Design of «Different Hands» Manicure

Unusual manicure was offered by professionals, having created the design of both hands differently. In this style, any manicure looks unique and attracts attention, as we can see on the example of a trendy simple manicure «different hands» in black and white and mini-drawings of twigs.

Stylish Simple Manicure with Foil

The delicate design of your nails may come with a nail decoration in the form of a foil with a matte effect. Small prints look interesting and extraordinary in the trendy simple nail designs in the style of nude or pastel.

Light Nail Design

One of the unsurpassed types of trendy simple manicure will be a nude nail design that looks perfect on oval, square and almond nails of various lengths. At the same time, you can always make a fashionable and simple nude manicure with a delicate pearl rub or the same matte foil, stripes or ribbons.

Simple Manicure with Holes

The lunar type of design belongs to the classics that do not age and hold on to the leaders in nail design for a long time. Trendy lunar type of manicure is distinguished by its delicacy and simplicity, which is why its demand among women of different ages is due. Trending simple manicure can be done with shiny holes or transparent, which will look equally stylish.

Simple Gradient Manicure

Ombre manicure is considered the gentlest option for nail design today, being presented in a matte and glossy form, with «droplets» and acrylic powder. We suggest you make a gorgeous simple ombre manicure in one color with different shades on each finger, which looks insanely beautiful in a fashionable simple nail design for any of your outfit.

Light Nail Design with Ribbons

Wanting to get creative simple manicure, we offer to arm yourself with ribbons, which can be wider or very narrow. A trendy simple manicure with ribbons can be supplemented with the same lines in black, made with a brush, which will become a stylish solution to a simple nail design for the 2020 season.

Simple Manicure «Minimalism»

When it comes to a simple and concise style of manicure, we immediately recall the favorite “minimalism” manicure, made with various drawings and ornaments, which are so diverse and will allow you to get a stunning simple manicure for each of your images.

Simple Manicure with Confetti

Playful holographic, matte, neutral or multi-colored confetti — this is a great decor for manicure, with which you will come across a huge number of nail design ideas. In trendy simple manicure, monophonic kamifubuki with a matte coating style, gradient or nude style with stripes and black and white kamifubuki will look best.

Simple Matte Manicure

The muffled look of nail design gives a special charm to fashionable nails in any shade of gel polish. Fashionable simple manicure with a matte top will be great in ombre design, nude style, as well as a delicate combined manicure in an ensemble with separate glossy nails. In any case, a simple matte manicure will look advantageous and flawless.

New Styles of Simple Nail Design 2020 — Trendy Photo Examples, Ideas and Trends of Light Nail Design


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