Sparkle Pedicure Design 2021 — The Most Beautiful Ideas

The excellence of any look is determined not only by a trendy set of clothes, exquisite accessories, but also important elements, such as a charming manicure and trendy pedicure. If the manicure is always in sight and we certainly decorate our hands, then trendy pedicure becomes an integral component of the bow more often in summer, which is the peak season for the selection of colorful and trendy design of a pedicure.

But not only open shoes should be one of the most important factors for finding new fashion pedicure. Modern women of fashion indulge themselves with a beautiful and unusually interesting pedicure in any season, and winter or autumn is not an obstacle to choosing a trendy pedicure design! And as befits a real lady, chic and brilliant pedicure should show off on the legs of pretty girls all year round.Sparkle Pedicure Design 2021 - The Most Beautiful Ideas

The trend in the choice of fashionable pedicure 2021 will be solutions of the same type with a manicure of the nail decor on the legs or, in other words, the trendy tandem manicure + pedicure in the same style that will look so perfect in the images of modern ladies. For a special occasion, such as a birthday, New Year and corporate party and for any kind of solemn event, you should choose a special chic pedicure design with sparkles.

Sparkle nails in a trendy pedicure will give different types of elements — glitter, foil, shimmer, pebbles, crystals, bouillons, strips of foil, confetti, rub and Yuki flakes. There is no doubt of its irresistible and excellent in any of the proposed variations of elegant pedicure with sparkles.

Pedicure Design with SparklesSparkle Pedicure Design 2021 - The Most Beautiful Ideas

Beautiful nails on legs, completely covered with sequins, or a cute pedicure design with stripes in the form of sequins, you can realize in a few minutes with the help of sparkles, which is so popular in the nail art and, in particular, the modern design of a pedicure. Trendy pedicure with sparkles can be performed with a monochrome coating and all sorts of prints — geometry, funny bunny ears or a shiny gradient.

Fashion Pedicure with ConfettiSparkle Pedicure Design 2021 - The Most Beautiful Ideas

Multicolored circles of confetti — a great idea to give the trendy shining pedicure, and the look — playfulness and coquetry. Confetti pedicure design will suit the warm and cold season, allowing you to show off with chic fingers at any time of the year. Fashionable direction of pedicure design with sparkles will be a wide strip of kamifubuki on the thumb.

Pedicure Design with Sparkles Using «Broken Glass» TechniqueSparkle Pedicure Design 2021 - The Most Beautiful Ideas

Another trendy variation of the «holiday» on the nails — fashionable pedicure «broken glass». Looks like a trendy fashion design pedicure very easily and naturally, if you choose the bright shades of the coating. A more expressive effect of a trendy pedicure design will be in a dark shade of pedicure with “broken glass” technique. Experiment with laying out pieces of foil to help achieve a more attractive design of the trend pedicure 2021 with sparkles.

Dark Pedicure with SparklesSparkle Pedicure Design 2021 - The Most Beautiful Ideas

The elegant solution in the design of a pedicure with sparkle will be the use of shades of gel polish in black, as well as intensive shades of plum, emerald, wine, burgundy, blue, gray. Contrast colors will make a trendy pedicure with sparkles intriguing and so alluring — the perfect choice to complete the evening bow.

Light Pedicure with SparklesSparkle Pedicure Design 2021 - The Most Beautiful Ideas

Gamma of light colors, the main of which will be white, will become popular in the trendy design of pedicure with sparkles and spangles in the coming season. There will be chic novelty fashionable pedicure with foil, rhinestones and stones, drawings and sparkles on the nails in a contrasting shade, which will give your feet with a fashionable pedicure design an unforgettable effect.

Fashionable Nude Pedicure with SparklesSparkle Pedicure Design 2021 - The Most Beautiful Ideas

An undisputed hit among the new designs of trendy pedicure will be nude style, which can always be supplemented at its discretion with various decorative elements, both flashier and calmer. Trendy nude pedicure looks great with sparkles in gold and silver color, crystals and rubbed, which gives an unprecedented tenderness and refinement to the nails.

“Eye see you” Sparkle PedicureSparkle Pedicure Design 2021 - The Most Beautiful Ideas

If you want a truly memorable and fashionable design of a pedicure with sparkles, then you will certainly be impressed by the “eye see you” technique, which represents the designs of the peepholes and cilia, as well as the faces of the girls in the design of a fashionable pedicure. A delightful pedicure with sparkles in such a decision would be an excellent choice for a bright summer look on vacation and in an informal setting that will allow you to stand out.

Brilliant and Trendy French PedicureSparkle Pedicure Design 2021 - The Most Beautiful Ideas

The undoubted favorite among the trendy pedicure wizard is the French nail design that does not leave beauty-Olympus is not the first season. All new designs of French pedicure appear that will add to your collection of beautiful nail design for special occasions. Look for a fancy smiley sparkle French or a gradient French pedicure with sparkling elements.

Matte Sparkle Pedicure DesignSparkle Pedicure Design 2021 - The Most Beautiful Ideas

Mysteriousness in the image for the celebration will bring a trendy matte pedicure with sparkle decoration — kamifubuki, rhinestones, broths or crystals, which effectively stand out on the muted surface of the nails. Be sure to give preference to the beautiful shades of coral, cobalt blue, emerald, that will become unforgettably beautiful in a fashionable matte design of pedicure with sparkles.

Trendy Pedicure with a Holographic Nail PowderSparkle Pedicure Design 2021 - The Most Beautiful Ideas

If you want to get a delightful shine in different shades, choose a trendy pedicure with sparkles in the form of holographic powder that will “sparkle” with bright colors on your nails. Charming pedicure with nail powder is very simple, and such a pedicure design with sequins will last for a long time, delighting you with its beauty.

Sparkle Pedicure Design Trends 2021 — An Interesting Photo Collection of Trendy Pedicures is Shown Below…

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