Creative Novelties of Pedicure Spring-Summer 2020 — Trends and Tendencies in the Photo

The long-awaited Spring-Summer season of open shoes is just around the corner, and girls in the meantime can learn new pedicure trends for the warm season of 2020, without which no image for Spring and Summer will be complete.

As we know, a beautiful pedicure is a mandatory component of the image only for the warm period, but also for Autumn and Winter, when girls can choose a hygienic pedicure without color coating or choose a festive sparkling pedicure for the New Year. But today we will talk about the most beautiful examples of fashionable Spring-Summer 2020 pedicure, which you will definitely want to repeat, given the fact that all the ideas of the pedicure are very different and fascinating.

And so, the trend will be pedicure with light gel polishes, pastel shades and in a light palette of tones — pink, light green, lemon, green, orange, purple, blue, cream. Amazing Spring-Summer pedicure in these shades can be elegantly complemented by a wide variety of sparkles, rhinestones, kamifubuki and confetti, colored and sparkling foil, shiny ribbons and glitter.

It is in the season of open shoes that the most appropriate will be rhinestones and crystals in the design of the pedicure. Sparkling rhinestones in a fashionable pedicure will perfectly complete any evening look for Spring and Summer. The spectacular Spring-Summer pedicure design for every day can be implemented in the “color block” technique, an intriguing gradient with neon shades and multi-colored transfer foil will give expressiveness to the nails in a fashionable Spring-Summer pedicure.

Creativity in the Spring-Summer design of the pedicure will be added by drawings and prints that the masters propose to perform with a brush, as well as using the stamping technique or in the form of sliders. Each version of a fashionable and vibrant pedicure for Spring and Summer 2020 is worth trying to implement. Look for more cool Spring-Summer pedicure ideas in our selection of photos below.

Pedicure for Spring and Summer with a Rub

Rubbing is one of the favorite nail decors for many women, which will give the nails a unique radiance and shine. In the Spring-Summer 2020 season, pedicure designs with rubbing in a gentle shade, such as pearl rubbing with a pleasant light green shade of the pedicure, will be most relevant.

French Spring-Summer Pedicure Design

Get ready to meet new directions in your usual French in a bright Spring-Summer design with shades of pink, fuchsia, yellow, orange, and purple. Unusual French Spring-Summer pedicure nail artists prepared with rhinestones, which will add zest to the bright design of the nails. A sophisticated tandem French pedicure and Spring-Summer manicure is realized with classic white tips.

«Fruit» Spring-Summer Pedicure

In truth, specialists are ready to implement the Summer design of pedicure with drawings of fruits and citrus fruits on large nails. Multi-colored prints with cut oranges, watermelons, papaya in a fashionable pedicure design fit perfectly into the Summer look for relaxation. An excellent mood and a charge of positive emotions are guaranteed to you with a similar trend pedicure for Spring and Summer 2020.

Pastel Spring-Summer Matte Pedicure

One of the most delicate types of pedicure design for Spring and Summer is offered in a pastel palette of shades, the effect of which can be enhanced with a matte finish, as well as micro-sequins. It will be interesting tandem matte and glossy Spring-Summer pedicure, pastel design with a pattern and decor matte foil in the form of stripes or prints.

Light Pedicure «Color Block»

It is possible to attract attention with the unusual nail art design of the pedicure with the “color block” technique, with the help of which the masters create unusually stylish and original multi-colored sectors on a large nail. Glitter in the fashionable “color block” pedicure will allow to add sophistication, and the contrast of bright neon and deep muted shades will add effect to the Spring-Summer pedicure.

Brilliant Spring-Summer Pedicure

When, if not in spring and summer, you can afford a bright and sparkling pedicure design, demonstrating it in all its beauty in the best outfits. The trend this Spring and Summer will be sequins on the nails in the form of stretch marks, glitter and transfer foil, shiny tape and reaped foil that can be safely used on all nails, diluting the fashionable pedicure with a bright neon accent on one of the fingers.

Playful Spring-Summer Pedicure Design

Carefree Summer offers fashionable women to pamper themselves with a light and playful nail art design, which is presented by cool and effective sliders, stamping and brush drawings. Choose colorful drawings of a unicorn, butterfly, juicy fruits and delicious desserts, the image of which on large nails will become memorable and unusual.

Bright Ombre Pedicure

To make a bright pedicure in neon color more concise, soft and pleasant, the ombre technique will help. Pick up more than two color options for a bright gel polish, such as the transition from purple to orange and neon yellow on a piece of nails. Small nails can be made in bright yellow, and be sure to use a matte finish to achieve the desired effect in a trendy Spring-Summer neon gradient pedicure.

Spring-Summer Pedicure Design with Foil

Nail decor with the help of foil prints has become very fashionable lately, with a huge variety of colors offered on the foil itself. We offer the simplest Spring-Summer pedicure design in bright yellow color, decorating the nails with transferable foil in a purple hue. You can use white, gold or silver foil and decorate just a big nail in a fashionable pedicure design.

Chic Pedicure with Rhinestones for Spring and Summer

Is there a party or an important celebration? What about the festive design of the pedicure for Spring and Summer with rhinestones? The chic pedicure design is offered with crystals completely covering the large nail. You can also select a hole with a rhinestone or create a crown of rhinestones at the base of the nails. The main shade of coating for a fashionable Spring-Summer pedicure with rhinestones decor is best to match the tone of your outfit.

Trending Novelties of Spring-Summer Pedicure 2020 — The Most Fashionable Spring-Summer Pedicure Design in New Techniques and Styles


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