Summer Pedicure 2021: Bright Pedicure Design Ideas for Summer

Summer is a great time for bright images, in which an important role is played by trendy summer pedicure, which should decorate your fingers and give you a great mood. Since in summer we often wear shoes with open fingers, it is simply impossible to do without a trendy pedicure. Moreover, it is worth performing a fashionable pedicure not only in a hot period, but also in any other season, using colorful variations of the design of a pedicure 2021.

In summer, as in no other season, trendy pedicure becomes attractive and wonderful, stirring the imagination with its colorful and creative prints. The main feature of the design of a fashionable summer pedicure will be its combination with a manicure, which is customarily performed in the same style. It is not necessary that the manicure with a pedicure be completely identical, it may seem boring and trite. But the same decorative elements or similar patterns will create an excellent tandem of trendy pedicure with a manicure for summer.

The main trends and directions of the pedicure in 2021 will be determined by fashionable patterns and the correctly chosen shades of lacquer for an exciting summer pedicure design. Creative options for painting nails on the legs allow you to choose unusual drawings and all sorts of prints — from funny and playful to dreamy and romantic. So, the trend of painting in the trendy summer pedicure 2021 will be the twigs and foliage, bright prints with greenery, exotic animals, abstract prints, leopard nail design, animalism.Summer Pedicure 2021: Bright Pedicure Design Ideas for Summer

Summer pedicure on the sea and for relaxation may differ thematic patterns — fish, dolphins, turtles, starfish, shells, sea waves. An undoubted hit among the novelties of the summer pedicure will be the fruit theme for the decoration of nails — watermelons, kiwi, papaya and other exotic fruits. Neon and bright colors for a summer pedicure will be just right. In trend bright lemon, orange, coral, turquoise, mint, blue, fuchsia, aquamarine, that will make your summer pedicure irresistible. Foil, stripes and diamonds from foil, camoufs, a scattering of crystals, sequins and glitter, which appear in the top design of a pedicure for summer 2021, will help to add sophistication to trendy summer design of a pedicure.

Each young lady can stand out with a charming and chic summer pedicure for sweet bloom this summer. The volume novelties of the summer nail art design pedicure include examples in the style of modeling, which is excellent for special occasions and celebrations for the summer. Relevance will not lose the trendy ombre pedicure, French pedicure for summer, the brightest “color block” and the chic summer pedicure design with holes and rhinestones in the 2021 nail decor. Inspire with trendy novelties, latest trends and vivid examples of summer pedicure in various styles that can give positive emotions for summer holidays, walks and even work.

Summer Pedicure «Abstraction»Summer Pedicure 2021: Bright Pedicure Design Ideas for Summer

Fed up with familiar nail designs? Then you should like a trendy summer pedicure in an abstract design. Creative abstraction involves various kinds of strokes, nail design a water way, which gives a special style to the trendy summer design of a pedicure, which certainly will not be boring and trite.

Trendy Summer Ombre PedicureSummer Pedicure 2021: Bright Pedicure Design Ideas for Summer

The beauty of the ombre pedicure fits perfectly into summer sets. City looks, at sea or for a date — this summer, at the end, give your choice to an ombre pedicure, which is represented by unusual novelties in any of the styles. Here and vivid examples of the gradient for a summer pedicure, delicate and cute designs, complemented by drawings of palm trees, flowers and rhinestones.

Summer Pedicure «Color Block»Summer Pedicure 2021: Bright Pedicure Design Ideas for Summer

To make a bright pedicure also stylish, it will be possible this summer with the “color block” technique. The multi-colored sectors, which the nail splits into when performing this summer design, add playfulness, color and brightness to the trendy pedicure for the summer. If desired, proposed a pedicure for the summer in this technique with a small amount of glitter and shine.

Floral Summer PedicureSummer Pedicure 2021: Bright Pedicure Design Ideas for Summer

Juicy green prints in floral style will be a fashion trend in the decor of a pedicure for summer season. Masters propose to decorate thumbs with drawings with foliage and branches, and cover the rest with calm or bright gel polishes — as you prefer. Interesting summer pedicure with floral motifs in matte design, with sparkles and crystals.

Matt Summer PedicureSummer Pedicure 2021: Bright Pedicure Design Ideas for Summer

Subdued velvet effect with neon shades looks amazing and it is so wonderful in the design of nails, that the eye does not tear! Be sure to choose for yourself a fashionable pedicure for the summer with a matte finish and trendy patterns, “negative space”, stripes, rhinestones and foil, which will be a trendy solution for a summer pedicure.

Trendy White Pedicure for SummerSummer Pedicure 2021: Bright Pedicure Design Ideas for Summer

Besides the bright colors, the favorite color of the summer season will be the white color of the pedicure, which is so immaculate. Perform the most fashionable white pedicure with rhinestones in the form of strips, geometric shapes, or lay out rhinestones in the form of a crown on the big finger. It will also look beautiful chic pedicure in white with a scattering of crystal chips, which can cover the entire surface of the nail.

Summer Pedicure Sweet BloomSummer Pedicure 2021: Bright Pedicure Design Ideas for Summer

Hot trend summer pedicure 2021 — Sweet Bloom, which will be memorable and so charming for any event and celebration as a trendy design for summer pedicure. The brightness and spectacularity of summer Sweet Bloom pedicure will give unique volumetric flowers and patterns that will not be compared with any other nail design.

«Fruit» Summer PedicureSummer Pedicure 2021: Bright Pedicure Design Ideas for Summer

Summer is the time of delicious fruits that fashionable women should be prepared to meet in trendy nail art pedicure design. Berries, exotic fruits and all sorts of sweets perfectly fit into the cool design of a pedicure for summer. Create a fruit design on the nails will be more appropriate on the thumb, as demonstrated by the leading masters of nail art design for the summer season.

Summer Pedicure with FoilSummer Pedicure 2021: Bright Pedicure Design Ideas for Summer

Meet the glitter and glamor in the trendy summer design of pedicure 2021, which will surprise you with its spectacularity. Look at the pedicure novelties with multi-colored rainbow foil for the summer, foil in gold or silver tones, strips of foil or decorate trendy summer nails with diamonds in summer that will make your summer pedicure design concise and intriguing at the same time.

Summer Design Pedicure in the Technique of «Modeling»Summer Pedicure 2021: Bright Pedicure Design Ideas for Summer

Volumetric patterns on the nails in the design of a pedicure are more appropriate for the summer period, giving your feet an extraordinary charm. Delicate flowers can be made in the style of molding with a French, but bright patterns are better to add pebbles, and get a mega-fashioned summer pedicure design for a holiday and celebration.

Charming Summer Pedicure Designs 2021: Trendy Examples of Summer Pedicure in our Photo Gallery

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