Photo Ideas of Manicure 2020: TOP 10 Options for Nail Art Design

New ideas for manicure allow you to diversify the style of nail design, preferring each time new interpretations and styles of fashionable nail art design. Modern ideas and motives of manicure are perfectly embodied, both in traditional and familiar techniques, as well as in more creative and original ones. Having resorted to new ideas in nail design 2019-2020, you can be sure of the delight of your own design of nails.

Among the new-fangled ideas and fresh manicure trends proposed by the world leaders in nail art, there are unique nail designs for the holiday and for every day, in a business style and with thematic drawings. And each idea of ​​manicure will be interesting, original and non-trivial in its own way. In the top of manicure ideas for the 2019-2020 season, there will be trendy nails with rubbed and foil, rhinestones and sparkles in the form of glitter, with shiny ribbons, crystals and flakes Yuki.

In this and next season, the masters paid great attention to the drawings on the nails, which will give the necessary style and “mood” to the fashionable image of the new manicure. Any idea of ​​a manicure with a pattern can become fashionable — from the usual floral print to unusual pop art or animalism.

Abstract nail art ideas, manicure with transparent holes, trendy nails with “negative space”, inscriptions, splashes and strokes of paint will be new-fashioned. Expressive among all the ideas of manicure this season can be a trendy combined manicure that combines many techniques and nail art trends.

Let’s quickly sort out which of the ideas of nail art design will become hits of the next season of 2019-2020, and which option of manicure will allow you to complete the outfit in the best way — all this you will find in our photo collection and on the example of the TOP-10 ideas of manicure 2019-2020 directly now.

Summer Manicure Ideas

As you know, summer manicure is famous for its bright neon colors and spectacular shades of coatings, exciting drawings and intriguing decor. It is these ideas of manicure that you are prepared to meet in the summer of the 2019-2020 season. Juicy fruits, neon and matte gel polishes, a sea of ​​sparkles and certainly a combined nail art design — such trendy ideas await you in the new summer season.

Spring Manicure Ideas

Spring nail design is famous for its tenderness, freshness and lightness, allowing you to implement many new and pretty ideas for manicure, both on long and short nails. New spring nail art ideas are proposed with a gradient, floral motifs, pastel abstract motifs.

Winter Manicure Ideas

Winter charm on nails is offered with thematic drawings in the form of snowflakes, Christmas balls, frosty patterns, lots of sparkles and rhinestones, which will give a special effect to winter nails. The trend ideas of manicure for the winter are not limited to thematic prints, it can also become a stylish “geometry” or “abstraction”.

Manicure Ideas for Autumn

Autumn ideas of manicure completely radiate comfort and warmth, both in the decor and in the color palette that will be used on nails next fall. Pleasant brown, burgundy, wine, emerald, cream and nude, orange, gold and yellow will become “must-haves” in the top ideas of autumn manicure.

Manicure Ideas with Drawings

An extraordinary number of manicure and nail art design ideas are offered with drawings, both minimalistic and very exciting and outstanding. A new style of design of nails is proposed with painting ideas in the style of animalism, floristry, graphics, with strokes and splashes, simple stripes and playful characters from cartoons or comics.

Manicure Ideas in Bright Color

The main trend in the fashionable colors of the season is dictated by the choice of vivid neon tones, even in the cold season, and this undoubtedly affected the top ideas of manicure 2019-2020. Regardless of personal preferences and individual style, be sure to try the colorful matte manicure in a matte style, as well as matchless design ideas with bright fruits, animals, plant motifs.

Rhinestone Manicure Ideas

A chic version of the design of nails for the evening and celebration is a manicure with rhinestones. This idea of ​​nail decoration is always relevant and holds the lead for a long time. Luxurious will be the idea of ​​inlaying with colored rhinestones, transparent crystals and a scattering of pixie crystal chips.

Manicure Ideas with Inscriptions

Not a new, but no less impressive trend in manicure is the design of nails with inscriptions, which will be a great idea for manicure for every day, for St. Valentine’s Day, for Halloween, and also as a complementary decor in a trendy combined manicure. The best idea of ​​a manicure with the inscription is to execute it on a thumb, covering the rest with a gel-varnish with the same shade of contrast.

Spray Manicure Ideas

An unusual and new trend in the design of manicure for this season is small spray on the nails, very similar to the “patterns” on the shell of quail eggs. Similar ideas for manicure with splashes are most often implemented in pastel shades, but bright nails with splashes in a matte or glossy design, with stripes and a spider line will also look original.

Ideas of Manicure «Abstraction»

A bold, extraordinary and exciting style of manicure is proposed with the ideas of abstract prints on the nails, which will be favorites among all other designs of the coming season. Trendy abstract design techniques are perfect as the idea of ​​nail art on long and short nails, giving a new look to the familiar images of manicure 2019-2020.

Creative Ideas for Manicure 2020: The Best Ideas for the Design of Long and Short Nails


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