Winter Manicure 2019-2020 — The Most Beautiful Photo Ideas, Trends&Examples

Often, we do not even have time to notice how rainy and gray days come to replace warm and sunny days, followed by frost and snow. Along with the weather, the mood also changes, which you should definitely improve in different ways, among which cute girls, who know firsthand, will turn out to be a beautiful design of nails for the winter. In order not to be discouraged, it is better to engage in creative work by inventing new ideas of nail art and realizing them either independently or with the help of a professional master.

Previously, we have met in previous posts with trendy ideas of summer nail art and trends in autumn manicure, but now the turn came to the novelties of the winter manicure 2019-2020, which will be no less exciting than its predecessors, we promise you.

Each season has its own specific motifs that we are ready to meet on the nails in one or another seasonal nail design, and this also applies to winter manicure ideas, which are associated with restrained design and dark shades of coatings. But we hurry to dissuade you, the new winter manicure 2019-2020 will be so different that you want to try them all at once. Among the new solutions for winter manicure will be bright versions of coatings, with glitter and decor, as well as stylish winter examples of nail design in light and dark palettes in a laconic design.

What innovations in the design of winter manicure 2019-2020 are waiting for women of fashion in the coming season? Modern winter nail art design will delight the richness of colors, a variety of decor and a variety of manicure techniques for winter. Among the leading manicure techniques is winter, the photo of which is proposed in our collection and trend rating, you can find favorite French manicure, luxurious matte and ombre manicure, winter maternity stamping design, “brush strokes” manicure, moonlight nail design for winter, and modern manicure «unicorn tear» and nail design «spiderweb».

You can also pamper yourself with different variants of a winter knitted manicure, which is ideal with patterns, velvet powder or a matte finish on the nails in winter. But nothing compares to the fashionable winter nail art, which will involve a variety of thematic drawings, patterns and prints. All that is associated with winter — it is snowflakes, snowmen, frost patterns, Santa and deer, Christmas trees and Christmas balls will be great ideas for painting nails in winter. In addition to the usual Scandinavian motifs and winter motifs in the trendy manicure winter 2019-2020, you can use simple hearts and stars, depict bears with scarves, playful rabbits and deer with horns, which will create a special atmosphere of winter images.

Refined and romantic manicure in winter you get with cute floral motifs. For business images you can choose a strict and discreet geometric manicure, which in the winter will look very beautiful with sparkles. An important role in the trendy winter design of nails will be occupied by decorative elements. These can be sequins in different variations, rubbing, foil, Yuki flakes and other pigment products, sequins and kamifubuki, rhinestones and crystals.

Thanks to all these solutions, which are presented in the nail art today, you can come up with and turn into reality any of the desired types of manicure for winter that you want. A lot of fresh ideas of winter manicure 2019-2020 for your inspiration are collected in the photo gallery.

Trendy Winter Nails 2019-2020 — The Latest Trends, Styles and Images of Winter Manicure in New Solutions and Techniques in Our Photo Rating

Looking for decent examples of winter manicure for a holiday, for the New Year, corporate party, business winter nail design or manicure for winter for every day? Our photo examples of fashionable winter manicure will undoubtedly help you decide on the design for your nails, and find fresh ideas for winter manicure in the best options.

Winter Manicure with White Nail-Polish

Shade number one for winter is white, which will be a favorite among winter nail design options 2019-2020. It is not necessary to completely cover all the nails with white polish — just select one or two fingers. An interesting winter manicure with a white coating and a pearly rub, decor with sequins and sparkles, as well as a combination of white lacquer with a cream and coffee palette.

Winter Manicure with Christmas Balls&Rhinestones

Among the trends in winter manicure 2019-2020 will be drawings, made mostly from pebbles and sparkles, and only some design elements will be drawn with a brush. In this style, a fashionable winter manicure with an image on the thumb or several nails of prints in the form of Christmas balls or toys, which will be the ideal solution for a festive look for the New Year or Christmas, is realized.

Winter Manicure with Rubbing

Trendy images of winter manicure will not be able to do without spangles and shine, which will give your nails rub. Pearl tints or other colors of the rub-in will be great in a modern manicure design for the winter of 2019-2020. The novelty will be a multi-colored winter manicure with a rub-in, as well as a winter ombre manicure with pearl shine.

Winter Nail Design with Teddy Bears

Pretty little bears have already become traditional “guests” on nails in winter, raising the spirits of everyone without exception. Masters create a manicure with Teddy bears using glitter, flock and powder, giving volume and showiness to similar prints. Stars, hearts, snowflakes and a knitted pattern on nails in winter nail design with Teddy bears also look great.

Winter Manicure with Stars&Spangles

Wizard offers to embody a stylish and trendy winter manicure into reality with the help of drawings of stars. The latter can be done with the help of black and white paints, with glitter, as well as with a velvet effect using flock. Manicure for the winter with stars from foil, for example, kamifubuki, will also be spectacular and brilliant.

Marble Winter Manicure

One of the most popular winter nail design techniques is still a marble manicure, which looks stylish, unprofitable and interesting. Marble manicure is also great for winter because it can be perfectly implemented in any look, both in the office and for every day, as well as in a festive outfit marble winter nail design looks very dignified.

Knitted Winter Nail Design

A voluminous winter manicure with a “knitted” pattern looks very winter-like and fits impeccably into any winter bow. Such a design in winter can be performed as an emphasis on one finger, as examples of winter manicure with bears and Scandinavian patterns demonstrate to us, or become an independent style for the nail design for winter. Knitted patterns on the nails can be made velvety and fluffy with the help of flock and powder, which looks very impressive in a trendy winter manicure.

What Will Be the Trendy Winter Manicure in The Season 2019-2020? Beautiful Photo Ideas of Winter Nail Art Design, New Styles and Techniques of Winter Manicure


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