New Pedicure for Winter 2021-2022: The Best Trends and Design Ideas

The onset of cold weather and, in particular, winter season — this is not a reason to abandon the beautiful design of a pedicure, which must certainly be present on the legs of true beauties. Inspiring the woman will be fresh nail design ideas for winter, among the variety of which every lady will find her ideal winter pedicure.

New trends of nail design, which we have already seen in our previous reviews, such as “gossamer” and “liquid metal”, predatory nail art and “brush strokes”, can be found in the most topical examples of pedicure for winter in the season 2021-2022. In addition to the completely new styles of winter pedicure, get ready to meet the chic novelties of previously familiar nail art design techniques — French pedicure with holes, “negative space”, color block and stamping design, as well as ombre pedicure for the winter.New Pedicure for Winter 2021-2022: The Best Trends and Design Ideas

Trendy techniques in a trendy winter pedicure design will be sequins and the use of foil, a matte effect and painted nails. The main trend for the upcoming winter season will be a combined pedicure design that combines several techniques and approaches of fashionable nail-art design 2021-2022. An unusual and original solution can be for you a winter pedicure with inscriptions, shiny hearts from glitter, a combined pedicure for the winter with a matte-glossy finish and sparkles, a pedicure with confetti.

Festive steric stars will look festive in winter pedicure design, as well as covering nails with pearl or colored rubbing, the use of delicate pebbles and rhinestones that will give an amazing and elegant style to your nails this winter. What a pedicure design will be in trend this winter — see our amazing photo review, which offers the most skillful pedicure innovations in winter 2021-2022, which will inspire you and allow you to complete even the festive look for the New Year and Christmas.

Fashionable Winter Pedicure 2021-2022 with FlockNew Pedicure for Winter 2021-2022: The Best Trends and Design Ideas

Mysterious and exciting winter pedicure in a new design is proposed with a flock, mainly decorating the thumb completely. The trendy winter pedicure wizard offers to perform also with acrylic powder in the form of drawings and beautiful curls. Such a lovely winter pedicure would be appropriate for a festive winter look for the New Year or for the Christmas holidays.

Trendy Winter Pedicure 2021-2022 with an Animal PatternNew Pedicure for Winter 2021-2022: The Best Trends and Design Ideas

All the masters, without exception, picked up a new trend in the painting of nails — a predatory nail art design, which, moreover, was very popular among women of fashion who adorn their nails with a leopard print, a snake print, and a trendy zebra print. In addition to the predatory patterns in the design of winter pedicure, you can safely use images of animals — from cats, birds to bears with winter attributes in the form of hats and scarves, which looks especially cute and reverent in the creative design of a pedicure for the winter.

French Pedicure Design for Winter 2021-2022New Pedicure for Winter 2021-2022: The Best Trends and Design Ideas

Classic always remains at the peak of popularity, and such a universal version of pedicure, as a French, will not lose its delightfulness in the winter season 2021-2022. If you like the usual nude French with a white tip of the nails, then boldly complement it with trendy stripes or winter patterns and snowflakes. French pedicure for winter with a diagonal selection of the tip of the nails, executed in black and with glitter, will look nice.

Winter Pedicure 2021-2022 «Negative Space»New Pedicure for Winter 2021-2022: The Best Trends and Design Ideas

A unique winter pedicure in a new design is proposed with rich shades of coatings, among which there will be blue, burgundy, wine, emerald, brown, white, blue and nude color. To get an excellent pedicure for winter with similar shades, the master suggests using the “negative space” technique, which will add lightness and unobtrusiveness to winter pedicure in tandem with shiny stripes and foil, glitters and a stamping design.

Trendy Pedicure for Winter 2021-2022: Abstraction Nail DesignNew Pedicure for Winter 2021-2022: The Best Trends and Design Ideas

Incredible popularity in the coming winter period will acquire abstract motifs of nail art design, which are perfect for winter season, as well as will please those young ladies who are pretty much fed up with traditional pedicure. The use of new techniques «brush strokes», «paint splashes», as well as gradient and graphics will provide a unique pedicure for winter 2021-2022.

Fashionable Matte Pedicure with Sparkles for Winter 2021-2022New Pedicure for Winter 2021-2022: The Best Trends and Design Ideas

Matte coating today is found in every second design of nails, whether it is a trendy manicure or pedicure. And not in vain, because the matte finish gives the nails a special charm and mystery, making the nails pleasant to the touch and so attractive. Fashionable matt design pedicure for winter can be perfectly complemented with sparkles in the form of stars, confetti or hearts of glitter. A captivating matt pedicure for winter is also offered in a design with crystals and rhinestones.

Trend Winter Pedicure 2021-2022 with StarsNew Pedicure for Winter 2021-2022: The Best Trends and Design Ideas

Diverse and pedicure designs for winter will allow cute and uncommon stars, which the nail master can draw by hand using glitter or paint, or you can use ready-made stars. In both cases, you can get a trendy and attractive pedicure, as for any holiday, and just please your owner and cheer up so wonderful winter pedicure.

New Trends in Winter Pedicure 2021-2022: Beautiful Winter Pedicure Design in New Techniques and Styles

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